Zumba is My “Thing”

On this journey I love the opportunity to try different exercises and understanding how to move different parts of my body to become stronger.

However, I have fallen in LOVE with Zumba 🙂

It is definetely my thing! I was a Professional Dancer back in the day ( Ballroom Dancing) and I competed and taught dance. I have gotten away from it and I realize now it is my “first love” of exercise.  I was also in the very best shape of my life then! The thing is… I don ‘t feel like I am exercising. I feel like I am having fun! I love the loud music, it motivates me and I am finding the Instructors at the YMCA at Eastside are awesome! Tammy, aka Miss Zumba is the best!!

I know I need to lift weights and do other things and I do but Zumba is my “thing” 🙂

Dancing my self into shape…

2 thoughts on “Zumba is My “Thing””

  1. I love that you found your thing and Zumba is too much fun – I keep missing the classes but I’ll get there😉 And you were a professional dancer – that’s amazing – I love to watch dance I lack serious rhythm but appreciate the art!

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