A Good Dose of Positive

Big thanks for Leslie Knox for an informative and educational session about food. Your time in preparation and presentation are super appreciated. We talked about life, habits, triggers, stress, supplements and developing choice-by-choices for health and longevity!  We as a group are going to new territory of strength and better living.

Big thanks to our trainer Doug Loudermilk, who shows up, works out and never tires of inspiring, listening to our problems and helping us to develop solutions.  You are making a difference!

Also a big thanks to the  YMCA for sponsoring us.  Your facilities are beautiful.  I look forward to training on Saturdays all week!


Way to go “At Home Group” it was a solid performance in great weather.  (PTL)

I spend an entire morning training.  I got to experience Body Combat-WOW was that fun!  My arms will be feeling it tomorrow.



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