A new perspective- I am His.

So, spending time with the rest of my team has been great. I have been super consistent with my running plan. I have run even when I couldn’t come for Saturday training. But, I did not want to think about the food.  Why not? Well it has all been mental. It really clicked for me today when our team sat with a leader who talked to us about nutrition. I really wrestled with feeling frustrated.  Eventually, I just had to ask her how to make this work. I mean for me it is not the knowing – it is the doing. I

led Weight Watchers meeting. I lost weight. I kept it off. I just know that stress can zap every bit of motivation I have to eat well or even care. The leader said to us…dig deep. Figure out what is motivating you. I came home and I thought about that. Why had I wanted to lose weight almost 14 years ago. It was my family history. I knew my Dad was using a walker. He could hardly move. I knew my grandmother had died way to young. I knew everybody I knew took some kind of medication. I did not want that to be me. So, I googled about prepping food. Nothing I did not know. But, let’s be honest, right now everything seems hard. I cleaned out my fridge. I threw away a bunch of old food from my freezer. I made a huge batch of oatmeal. Put fruit in baggies in the freezer. Planned out every meal and snack. My desire is to have a long life for the service of my King. I know I am a woman who has victory. I want the outside to reflect what is going on in the inside. I am His! I want my food to reflect that. I am His.

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