We had our Saturday Morning Boot Camp at Team Verdae … You guys are doing amazing. Working hard … getting stronger … eating healthier …. challenging yourselves. After our Boot camp, we always gather around and share what’s on everyone’s mind. One thing that came up was … weight loss. Some are experiencing more than others and I could tell that some were getting discouraged because that “stinkin scale” is not moving like you want it to. Let me say this …. Everyone one of you guys are working hard !!!! We all know that you are getting stronger …doing things that you couldn’t do a couple weeks ago. You are running and lifting weights and eating healthier. This journey is a tap on the shoulder, for all of us, to take advantage of what we are learning together and apply it to our everyday lives. Well , I can tell that you guys are learning and going thru an amazing transformation !!!

All of you guys are sooooo much better than that number that stinkin scale shows. You are not a number !!!!  You are not average !!! You are better and stronger than a number. You are going above and beyond to make a change !!! Stay focused, stay strong and encourage one another !!!! All of you guys are beautiful because of who you are and what you are accomplishing !!!!

Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your journey !!!! You guys encourage me in sooo many ways !!!!  Love you all !!!!

One thought on “SMASH THAT SCALE !!!”

  1. Lou, you are by far the best Encourager, Motivator, Coach, Drill Sargeant, etc!!! Oh wait, I forgot Hitler! 😂 (Team Verde joke) All jokes aside though…you’re just the BEST!!! You push us to the point of giving up, but motivate us enough to keep pushing through and that is exactly what we need to grow stronger. I’ve seen many changes in myself as well as our team over the past 4 weeks and I am so proud of everybody!! I thank God for placing me at the Verde location with You, Bridgett, Bev, and those Amazing Rock Stars! And though I may grumble outwardly, I really do look forward to EVERY bootcamp knowing each day is going to be a little more challenging with new obstacles added. Thank you for making this an amazing journey!!! You rock, Sir!!! And we love you!!! ♡

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