Little Milestones

We all know the scale can be deceiving.  And it has been for me, as I’ve lost 3-4 pounds in the past 4 weeks.  Which is great, it’s a loss, but it only just started moving in the last couple of weeks.  My greatest achievement thus far was in my measurements.  I had my measurements redone this past Friday.  I lost an inch on my hips, an inch on each thigh, and 1/2 inch to 1 inch on each arm.  While I didn’t lose in the waist, I know I need to put more focus on my core.

Sunday is usually a day of rest for me, but today was so pretty, I had to keep moving.  While I didn’t do a formal workout, I did do 2 hours of house workout (laundry, picking up around the kitchen and living areas, and vacuuming the entire house!) and then after lunch I moved outside and picked up our back yard and did a little bonfire until the wind decided to blow and forced me to keep it low and burn down. I did miss church to clean house, but it felt good to pick up in the areas I have been neglecting for awhile.  (Although I feel a little guilty, it felt good to send the hubby and child off to church so I could sing praise music while cleaning).

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