Feels like I hit a Wall

I felt I had developed a productive stride after 2 weeks of not seeing the scale move, if finally moved and moved a good bit. Now it has stalled and went 1 pound in the wrong direction. I haven’t changed my routine, still eating healthy and working hard at the gym. Feels frustrating but I can feel a major difference in the way my pants fit. My main motivation right now is Tim Bryant he is a beast on the treadmill and is killing the cardio. I am trying to catch him!! the race is on!! Go team East Side.

2 thoughts on “Feels like I hit a Wall”

  1. I almost killed myself last week trying to catch him only to see I was still doing half of what he was! I say you can have it Tim! I’m still working my butt off but I can’t do what he’s doing! I am glad for him though! Keep it up Mark!

  2. Melinda I agree. I did 2 cardio workouts at 45 min each nearly everyday and weight training in-between the cardio. I am still going to try and catch him, but that may not happen.

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