Is there something about week 5?

Is there something about doing something for a month?  Is that the deal?  Do you justify that “OK, I’ve done it for  a while…Did OK.  But I’m tired now and I want to go back to my old comfortable habits.”

I had a little discussion with some of the other RBLs tonight and we all were in the worse mood today.  Tired, sore, a little disheartened….just blah.    Not exactly hangry but just kinda grumpy.   Was it the moon?  Because it was Monday?    Hard to pinpoint.

I realized that, in the past, THIS would be the time that I would have dropped out.  Said to myself,  “Man, I’ve got to get some other stuff done.  This workout regiment is taking so much time.   I’ll come back to it next month but this month…not so much.”  And next month would never come.

And I gained a couple of pounds back.  That’s discouraging.    I’ve got a lot of projects “in my face” that I need to be focusing on.   But I need to CHANGE MY MIND on the importance of this new lifestyle that I have come to know as RBL.

It helped trememdously to see the others at the Y tonight and to hear their same feelings.  It helped to go to a new cycling class and complain together that “We’re going to hurt tomorrow.”   But laugh because we all tried something new together.     No doubt the best take-away from RBL has been meeting the great people in the GHS YMCA group.   I’m sure we will stay friends long beyond this 12 weeks.

I’m concerned about feeling discouraged and blue about the journey but I’m thinking it’s just part of it.  The excitement of being the WINNER of RBL has worn off and now it’s just the plugging through it and making it happen. Now we realize that what we won was the opportunity to do something very difficult and it meant some major changes. And it just plain hurts….bad…  It’s making me wonder, “Did I really want this?”

Yes, I do.

Tomorrow is another day and in my mind, I know I’ve done the right thing to make these choices that I chosen these past weeks.  So with that knowledge, I’ll move on.   Physically, be prepared to be sore tomorrow due to todays cycling class.  Mentally, be prepared to progress because of knowledge of good decisions.  Emotionally, accept that this is part of the journey but not the end just a speed-bump.  Spiritually, tune in to the peace and joy of Jesus, and just take a deep breath, get some rest and move on. And be grateful….be very, very grateful.


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Excited about the opportunity to better myself constantly. Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. Learning from my past but moving from it to an enriched new normal.

2 thoughts on “Is there something about week 5?”

  1. Hang in there girl! You are doing amazing!!! So thankful I have gotten the chance to get to know you!

  2. I’m with You! I feel like eating a few dozen cupcakes! I dread the gym but I’m still going for my team! I hope we feel better next week!

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