One Pebble, Big Splash

I knew this would happen – I’d work out for awhile, maybe even be “tough” long enough to get past the screaming muscle stage, but then the novelty would wear off. Yep, so the novelty has worn off. I do not want to work out any more. Do I feel better? Yep! Do my clothes feel better? Yep! Do I enjoy it? Yep! But, I still don’t want to go to the Y anymore. I can come up with a hundred other things to do – laundry, chores, meals, projects, help my kids with schoolwork, and on and on goes the list. All the life things that kept me from exercising in the first place! I knew if I was going to stick with an exercise routine this time, I was going to need a big catalyst. Something much bigger than myself was going to have to fight this battle against me. That’s where RBL showed up.

Sometime ago, God helped a man. That man took his passion and started helping others. Sponsors joined in and the blessing kept growing. That wave of blessing scooped me up and the momentum has me changing my clothes and sweating even when I don’t want to. I start to look for blue shirts as soon as I pull into the Y parking lot. Then, I continue to look for them inside the Y. If I see them, I start to grin from ear to ear. It’s my team – the wave that is carrying me. If I don’t see them, I still have a spring in my step and a smile in my heart, because I know that they are around me in spirit. Perhaps their feet trod the same path earlier in the day, perhaps it will be later. But, even in their absence, I feel the wave of support and encouragement as we are all on this journey together. And it all started with one pebble who made a big splash!

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