Only 7 more weeks to go!😱💪

Good morning ya’ll 🙂

It has been a very rough few weeks. I want to encourage everyone that IT IS OKAY TO HAVE SLIP UPS! Before I would beat myself up and eventually give up when I would have a slip up and tell myself what’s the point, I’m to busy, maybe later on…ect. I daily made excuses for my mistakes and eventually give up on my health adventure all together. Going into RBL I thought being apart of a something with a title would really eliminate slip ups, I mean you have weigh ins, blogs, people watching you, interviews ect. So I have to be top notch right? Wrong I missed 4 days at the gym due to my kiddos getting sick, I sat around and got into my old habits and threw it all out the window and ended up gaining weight back. So it happens no matter what! Old me would have thrown in the towel and gave up. After the kids were able to go back to school I literally dragged my butt back to the gym (while eating girl scout cookies mind you, darn those cookies) and it was so hard to get going after missing so many days I felt like it was day one all over again, I ended up feeling more down due to this, however I kept at it slowly and now I am back on track again and it feels great! Went on another hike on Saturday and planing another one this Saturday. So never throw in the towel even if

it seems pointless, that’s what makes you a winner by pushing forward even if you get pushed down. Challenge of the day: Get in a walk today even if its 10min it’s little steps 🙂



I want to that the sponsors,the Y, and his radio for this amazing chance. Not only am I getting healthy  I have meet and friended some amazing people! Love the TR Y!

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