This Ain’t My First Rodeo

I’m not new to the weight loss / gain Yo-Yo. In 2015 I lost 60 lbs. by changing eating habits, going to the gym and riding my bike. As I lost weight I began to feel as if I was on a motivational drug as both my energy level and mobility increased with each week. Unfortunately, I gave in to the temptation to “sample” a Cheese Cake that a vendor brought in to the office and everything was downhill from that point. My “All or Nothing” approach resulted in me totally falling off the bike, if you will, and regaining 45 lbs. from Sep. through Dec. In January 2016 I got the bug again and decided to give it another try by alternating between the gym and bike and losing the 45 lbs. that I had regained in 2015. However, this time I started to feel too rushed between the demands of work, home, and church. So I started scaling back on my exercise routine just to get a break in my hectic schedule. This time, rather than jumping track, I slowly slid back into the old habit of eating like a trash compactor and worrying about later. Ultimately, I stopped exercising and once again regained the weight. So this year I decided to go for it again and applied to 2017 RBL.

As part of 2017 RBL, I hope to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle. In the past I would have given up after the first year; not attempting a healthy lifestyle again for several years. However, I’m not getting any younger and I want to be here for my family. Interestingly enough, I am thankful for the last 2 years as I learned a lot about healthy eating habits and the benefits of an active life style. This year I’m trying not to just focus on losing weight. It is my hope and prayer that with the support and encouragement from the RBL Team, YMCA and my GHS Team that this time around I will make it a lasting change.

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