Down a pant size…

My back has been bothering me for about a week but I’ve expected it to an extent due to the increase in weights as well as an increase in the amount of activities I’m doing. My foot pain has also increased but neither is unbearable. Yesterday I put on a pair of jeans I haven’t fit in for a few years now! There’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment. So today I go to do my workout and after my warm up and my activtrax, I decided on the treadmill for my cardio. I’m not going to lie… I wanted to stop after 15 minutes. Instead I prayed for strength, pushed up the pace, put on some good old Michael Jackson fast beats and jogged/walked fast for 40 minutes. The most I’ve done I the treadmill yet. I felt like I could have gone longer but my foot was really bothering me and I didn’t want to mess myself up. Plus I had hoped to make the group meeting tonight and didn’t want to overdo it. However, my husband is sick again and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone. Now if the scales would show my progress like my clothes, I’d be even happier. But I’ll take it!! I really want this!

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