Keep on Truckin

Well I guess when you declare you are going to fight stronger against the devil he takes it and fights back too. Woke up Monday and got a call that my grandmothers (one that I take care of) twin sister passed away that morning. Monday I was fighting depression hard!! 2 deaths in 2 weeks is hard. I was also the one who had to tell her since her own daughter wouldn’t. That really depressed me also I asked my mom is she was going to come over and see her and she flipped on me. That just made it worse! And so I was thinking its crazy how I am trying to get my life straight and I feel like everything that I am trying to do is falling apart. I made up my mind though and knew I was not going to let this get me down either, I may feel like I am alone in life but I have a support group that is amazing. So last night me and my husband went to my friends house and we all worked out together. My friends husband told me that no matter how hard it get I have to keep pressing on and that life gets hard but we cant just stop because of that. I just really needed encouragement and laughter last night and that’s what I got. I thank the Lord for the friends he has gave me and again for giving me this opportunity. I have lost 4 inches so far and 16 pounds!!

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