Small set back…

I have been keeping up with my workout and I am surprised at how much my endurance has increased!  The shin splints are healed and I am still having a few sore muscles with each work out but nothing that last.  Praise God.  I missed last Saturday due to an attack of all the pollen in our air.  Bubble bee season has not started yet but my sinuses decided to get a head start!

Today, I was back on the running schedule and started the 5 minute runs.  Again, I was surprised at how much my endurance has increased.  I still need to work on a rhythm for my breathing but I am sure it will come with time.

I am so blessed to have my running partner, Melisa Roper, who helps me stay on track during the week.  Sometimes I struggle with the excuses trying to get in the way of my workout but scheduling a run with a partner helps hold be accountable.  She has been a God sent!  Tonight I helped her get going since she was not really feeling like she wanted to run.  It is funny how God sends people in your life to help you with several types of needs even when you do not know you have the need!   I am grateful to the home group for keeping my working through the pain on those Saturday runs and Melisa for keeping me honest with my weekly workouts!  Now, I just need to get back into a routine with my blogging.

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