This past week has been a struggle. I’m not exactly why. I’ve had cravings things that I haven’t had since I started. Also, it seems like everything is keeping me out of the gym this week.

I love the gym. It has officially become my “me” time. I do not get that often. Many days at home, I can’t go to the restroom alone. But at the gym, it is just me and my music. (Many days I am listening to HisRadio from the app on my phone.) When I’m on the treadmill, I will walk fast if it is an upbeat song, and slow down with a slower beat song.

Last week and this week my husband got sick and then  I became sick on Monday…I’m feeling better. But I haven’t been able to work out as much as I would like. But things are going to get better.

I saw this on Pinterest and I have started. It’s a cup where I place a stone for every pound I lose. So far, I’ve lost about 11 pounds. It seems like so little compared to the amount I need to lose, but when I look at the stones, I really see what an accomplishment that one pounds can add up to. Maybe when I reach the top I’ll treat myself to an ice cream sundae! YUM!…. KIDDING KIDDING…I’m kidding, but seriously, maybe some frozen yogurt! HAHA. 😉


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