In the gym again!!

little-kid-going-big1    Woohoo!! It felt so good to get back in the gym and push some free weights around! I did some cardio on the treadmill but not too much, I didn’t want to scare everyone off with my hacking cough 🙊 Then I got my activtrax workout and lifted 15,676lbs 😁 I like how activtrax adds the weight by the reps and tells you the total amount of weight you lift in that workout. It’s encouraging and a little pat on the back when you’re done.

After the weights and the abs 😑 I got back on the treadmill for another 20 minutes to cool down and get in some more steps for my Fitbit.

My 2 youngest boys were in the childcare and the baby (18 months old now 🙂 had been crying for a little bit, but the ladies are awesome and took care of him. He was asleep within 5 minutes of leaving the gym and has been asleep since we got home 2 hours ago. Now after all we’ve been through the last 2 weeks I started checking for symptoms of sickness. But then my wonderfully level-headed husband reminded me of the symptoms of growth spurts 😄 So our already big little guys is getting bigger, which is great but also kinda sad because I want him to stay little!

Life moves on every minute, every hour, every day and every day I’m getting healthier so I can play with my big little loves!


Isaiah 40:29-31

“He gives power to the faint, abundant strength to the weak. Though young men faint and grow weary, and youths stagger and fall, they that hope in the LORD will renew their strength, they will soar on eagles’ wings; They will run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.”

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