Feeling defeated but I Praise

This week has been a rough one.  I have the shingles.  Just what I wanted.:-(  But I will still praise.  Since my praise team has elevated our worship we seem to be afflicted with some short of illness.   BUT WE PRAISE!! I have the shingles, one has the flu, other have been battling skin cancer and colds but we still praise.  My daughter is in the hospital with a an intestinal infection, dehydration and bed sores, but still we praise.

We aren’t praising our inflections but we are praising our Maker who gave His life so that we can be heirs to the King.  When you read the book of Job you realize that nothing you have is yours.  Our homes, family, our lives all belong to Jesus.  When we stand on His promises nothing we endure could ever come close to what he has endured for us.  People as me all the time, how do still smile with everything that has happened to you.  Jesus is my joy!! When I feel down I draw on His strength. With His strength nothing is impossible.

So even though I’m unable to work out this week I will still eat healthy, rest and work even harder next week.

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