Sharing for the first time in a few days. Time is going by so fast and our trainers are giving there all in trying to make sure we learn all that we can about living a healthy life and my team is eating it up.. It is so great when we are sitting in our meeting and what is being explained to us becomes so clear ( and confusing at the same time) I left tonight wanting to go home and make sure I’m prepared for my journey because we are being giving the tools and this 12 weeks is going by too fast..love you all. Blessing

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I'm a 60 year old wife and mother. I still work full time. I love God. I adore my family and am blessed. Ready to reclaim my health

One thought on “FEELING THE LOVE”

  1. I agree Becky – God has placed these trainers and fellow losers (really winners) in this season of change . It would be foolish not to maximize all they are teaching us to change our lives to live healthier and happier for ourselves and bring Glory to God for giving us this opportunity..

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