Sleep oh sweet sleep, why do you not love me? This week insomnia has reared her ugly head again. Since starting RBL, I have slept so well. I am surprised at how well really. I’ve dealt with insomnia almost all of my life. Last night thinking my restlessness was due to allergies, I took 1 tsp of children’s liquid Benadryl. I take a daily regime of antihistamines, and didn’t want to over do it. I should have slept without issue. Alas, that was not the case. I drug myself out of bed as the alarm went off. (Big meanie), walked into the corner of my bed, whapped my elbow on the doorframe, then (not seeing her), I kicked Flour. When I realized I kicked her, I tried to check her; nope. She went to my husband. She was fine. Thankfully I was barely moving this morning. So today, I shall not drive, or make important decisions until this stuff wears off/sleeps off. More hilarity will happen I’m sure.

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