Really emotional today..

Do you ever have one of those days that nothing in particular has happened but you feel very emotional? Maybe it stemmed from my Bible study this morning that took me back to a painful time in my life that actually was the beginning of my binge eating for comfort. When I got to the gym, I headed straight for the treadmill, turned on HisRadio, put in my earbuds and took off. Between my emotional state and the worship music I was a mess. A couple of times I started to cry, wiped my eyes and turned up the speed. 30 minutes in, I had a surprise visit from our team leader, Allison Storm and she gave me some encouragement that meant a lot to me. I did a total of 45 minutes which is the most I’ve done yet. I try doing a little jogging but I can’t do it for long. Regardless, I’m so so thankful for the progress I’ve made. I went on to do my weights and was more focused and calm by then. When I left my legs were wobbly and I was tired but at the same time, it felt good. I prayed for this opportunity to get healthy but I had no idea I would have to face the demons that got me here. I love my Lord who knows what I need to face to get past the struggles. I no longer want to turn to food for comfort… I want to turn to him.

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