The Tortoise and the Hare…

This week, I have heard people reference the story of The Tortoise  and the Hare in many different contexts. It’s a story that honestly I don’t think of that often. I have taught it at school, have read it with my children, but never really thought of it beyond that. This morning, that story came to my mind. I think it is a reminder of this journey. If I’m honest, I would love to be seeing some HUGE changes on the scale. I mean who wouldn’t like a quick, noticeable change that is just…done. The reality of this is that I am not interested in a short term, quick diet that will lead to failure 2 months after this competition ends. I am looking for long term, positive results. Given that, I have to remind myself that “slow and steady wins the race.”  Of course, competition is fun, but in the end, if we come out healthier than we were before, we are all winners. I may not be losing double digits each week, but I am losing each week. For that, I am eternally grateful. I will continue to attack this change at a pace that I can continue long after these 12 weeks have passed. Here’s to healthy living!!

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