5 minute running….

This week our team transitioned to the running routine that alternates between a 3 min run and a 5 minute run.  It surprised me how well each run actually went.  Tuesday I ran with my work buddy, Thursday I had a delay in my run due to a stomach bug.  I woke up in the morning nauseated and did not run.  As the day continued with me at work, I realized I was feeling better and decided to try and run after I got home.  It just turned out that besides work, I needed to pick up my youngest grandchild and keep him overnight.  This created another barrier to running.  He is 2 and not that easy to work around, unless it is a game for him!  Once my husband came home and we finished dinner I was finally able to think about my run.  So even though it was now 830 p.m. and at the end of my day, I began my run.  It was harder waiting till the end of the day to run but I managed.  I did not allow the barriers to become excuses!  My determination comes from God’s and the encouragement we receive from his word.  I know he will never give up on us and so I will not give up.  The progress for the actually weight loss has been slow but I feel good and my endurance and strength has increased.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I would like to see more results but I remind myself that my weight did not just show up one day.  It took years to become out of shape and overweight and thus it will take some time with a consistent workout plan and meal plan to see better results.  I remind myself the all this hard work will pay off in the end…I just need to stay on track!

Saturday I was not able to run with my team due to my grandson not feeling well so Sunday was the day that I ran and again was surprised at how much easier the 5 minutes runs were getting.  Now, let’s see how next week’s workout goes!



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