Today marked the 3rd Saturday in a row of hiking. Gettingscreenshot_2017-03-04-23-36-46-1 healthy isn’t all about losing weight. It’s about gaining confidence and living life. If you told me I’d be hiking every Saturday I would have laughed.  I lost 15lbs in 5 weeks and still have 20+lbs to lose. However with just 15lbs down I am able to not only do hikes but ENJOY them! I tried hiking before and dreaded doing them because instead of enjoying it I was to busy feeling like I was going to pass out. Gaining life, enjoying the life God has gave, that’s more to me than the scales numbers. Losing weight should just be the bonus prize to a healthy lifestyle. Change how you look at things, understand not every day is veggies,fruits, and health food and that’s okay;  just moving and getting active is what you should focus on so you can enjoy the small blessings in life. Being out today I was so happy to have this chance, and to see how my children have enjoyed this change. They are getting out more because mommy isn’t tierd, they get to race mommy to the waterfalls because now they have to keep up with me. I am just happy finally after being depressed and afraid for so long. Small
blessings sure add up.

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