Balancing the Diet

Nuts are my Frienemy. I love nuts! I have figured out about how many I can pour into the palm of my hand to have very close to a one ounce serving. Nuts have been my go-to snack for awhile. They keep me from getting into the chips. But, today I was lazy and hungry. That is never a good combination. Instead of making my breakfast, I grabbed a handful of nuts first. Instead of making my lunch, I grabbed a handful of nuts first. Rinse and repeat for dinner. I had nuts THREE times today before I finally got myself moving to fix a healthy meal. Those THREE ounces of nuts were a whole 480 calories! I suppose I won’t do that again for awhile.

I am still struggling to get around the learning curve of a new way of eating. I know from experience that this will take some time. My habitual way of eating is way too many carbs and not enough protein. I add protein powder to my smoothie in the morning, but my other meals are high on the carb side. Not always unhealthy carbs – though, tonight I splurged on a small serving of ice cream. I have noticed that if I watch my macro-nutrients on My Fitness Pal and keep my fat close to 40% and my protein close to 25%, I do not crave sweets and starches. Since I have stopped doing that (logging data is not something I enjoy), I’m pretty sure I have been having more carbs. And, I have noticed that sweet tooth coming back. That sweet tooth is a hard battle to fight. I’ll have to pull out my diet book again to get back on track. And, start logging my food. Sigh…I just wish I could learn how to balance the macro-nutrients on my own!

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