The scales are not my friend this week!

PhotoGrid_1488839132015Not going to lie…I was really really discouraged earlier today until I did a side by side of my before and after so far. I weighed myself today and I gained 2 lbs in 3 days! But when I weighed myself on Saturday it showed me loosing 4 lbs last week. I don’t understand how because I worked harder last week than any other week so far and I gain?! How?! I lifted an insane amount of weight last week for the challenge.

I’m comparing this years weight loss to last years and I’m behind like 7 lbs. When I get discouraged I just want to binge. Sorry to be so negative but I was just going through a rough time earlier. I had a friend from RBL give me some encouragement this evening. He asked me if my clothes were getting loose and if anyone has noticed my face slimming down. Well my clothes are looser and folks have noticed a change in my face. Maybe I over did it last week. I did 8 Activtrax workouts in 6 days and avg 26-36k lbs lifted per workout. Even after gaining back 2 pounds I am still down 29 pounds in not even 5 weeks.

I do have a lot to celebrate because even if I do not lose the weight as quickly as I would like to in the future weeks, I’m still learning great eating habits and my wife and children are following my example. Here is my before and after so far and I guess I can see a change lol

2 thoughts on “The scales are not my friend this week!”

  1. Two pounds in 3 days was very likely water weight. Or, maybe someone put sand in your shoes and rocks in your pockets! If one pound of fat is 3500 calories, you would have had to be feasting to get 10,500 extra calories in 3 days. Don’t be discouraged. You are working very hard.

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