Early mornings 

When you decide that you want to go workout early in the morning, set an alarm. Do NOT count on insomnia to wake you. Set the alarm. If you trust insomnia to be your alarm; it will fail you. Insomnia will instead wake you at 3:00am, and will have you drift off to sleep when it’s almost 4:00am. Thus you will surely sleep until 5:25am when your brain jolts you awake with a “I was to workout at 5:00am!” heart pounding messsage. At which point the brain kicks in “it’s too late now. Kids get up soon. In the meantime, lets go over every single thought you’ve had in the last week. Also create some scenarios that may never happen.”

Save yourself the frustration and set the alarm.

This may or may not have actually happened to me.
It did, this morning. It’s already a week of Mondays. 🙄

“Tomorrow is another day”- Scarlett O’Hara

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