Feel the Pain of it all

Geez what a week the past week as has been. I was wanting to do 2 workouts a day but I have the feeling for my stature it might have been pushing a little too much since for the past week I have been in pain.

The pain is in the upper part of my back and works around to my chest so moving at times can be real fun and if I turn to quickly or at the worst sneeze WOW talk about wanting to not move for a long while till that goes away.

I thought if I took a few days off of working with weights it might settle down some …… Well I was wrong still there but just means I have to work through it. So last night I was back in the YMCA doing an upper body workout and some cardio. Everything went well and even hit just over 18 minutes for a mile which for some may be a small stroll but for me it felt like I was out for a fast trot. I sweated more than I would at an All You Can eat buffet that only serves everything I like and only allowed to pick a few of them to have. Talk about making ya sweat that is a tough decision to make. Should I have the Carrots or the Celery with a side of Broccoli???

Growing up going to buffets was a good thing and cheap for feeding families on tight budgets would let you have things that you normally could not afford. I remember listening to an old song by the Fat Boys called All You Can Eat and at the time it was funny but for many that has become a challenge instead of just going to have what you would like that normally you do not get a lot of.

Sorry back from the rabbit chase…. for last nights workout it did feel good to get back in there but I knew I had a lot of stuff to do this week so I decided why not get up and go in to the Y first thing in the morning before work.

Really what was I thinking. Hear I got home around 8 last night and finally fell asleep sometime between 11 and 12 only to wake up again by 1 to force myself back to sleep and was up at 4.15 am heading to do a workout and more cardio. I mean really who in the world is up at that time of the morning going to the gym to work out? Well I found I am not the only one that did and I may not do it a lot I do like that time of morning to get things done not to crowded and I may have to do that more often

Today was leg day and it was not as bad as it once was, PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE THEY MAY JACK THE WEIGHT UP ON THE SETS I AM DOING……. but I was able to complete it and also get in another good cardio session this morning that for someone that did replenish some of the water I lost yesterday in sweat I did not think that I replenished that much I was soaked.

Just think ya came on here to read about how the workouts and other things are going so you get a glimpse of that and also ya get to hear about sweat. Well may as well give the full gambit on things.

Anyway depending on the weather we may be walking in town later near the Y but if it rains like it is being reported I will be back in the Y on a treadmill trying to pop out a couple more miles.

So until Next time .. Keep your Feet on the Ground and keep reaching for the next Bar (of the weight machine in front of you.

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