Overcome with emotions…

Today I struggled to get up and complete the running assignment simply because I have been feeling disappointed in my progress with weight loss.    I pushed my self to get up early and go through the motions to begin my workout still not really feeling productive or even positive.  I completed the first of the three 5 min runs and did not feel out of breath or desperate to hear the bell ring which signaled time to walk. Then the I completed the second 5 min run and my perspective began to change.  I started thinking that maybe my focus on the scale and my measurements going down was not really what defined success in my journey to get healthy.  Maybe my focus should be on how much better I feel while exercising, how my body seems stronger, and how my endurance and stamina had also improved.  Once I completed the last 5 min run I was literally in tears because I felt great and I felt like I could keep going.  God had revealed to me that my perspective needed to change for me to see the positive effects of the transformation occurring in me.   I was so focused on the old definitions of getting healthy that I could not see the improvements and changes that had occurred!!  I am sure anyone who was watching me would have thought I was having some sort of breakdown since I was crying, praising Jesus and just being grateful for the revelation.  I felt like my heavenly father reached down out of heaven and shook me into a new mind set and I was am  grateful for the new perspective.

I challenge each of you to reexamine your definition of success or your definition of “results” by changing your perspective.  Allow yourself to focus on the the good you have accomplished not on what you haven’t achieved yet.  I am feeling soooooo blessed!!!!! Praise his holy name.

One thought on “Overcome with emotions…”

  1. This is so true!!!! Being a slave to the scale can really be a downer and it is so relieving when you stop and think how much better you actually feel, how you can do things today you could just a week ago, how clothes are starting to fit looser, how people tell you how much you’ve changed(because it’s hard for us to see when we see ourselves daily). I’m so glad God gave you this revelation and encouragement! You might want to do a side by side picture of you now vs when you started, I bet you’d be surprised in the difference.

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