Strong Core = Less Pain

A few years back, my L5 /S1 required major fusion surgery to correct a collapsed vertibre that sat on my sciatic nerve and caused excruciating lower back pain and a condition known as “Drop Foot” which is a constant lass a feeling in my foot. Needless to say that was a difficult year of rehab / Major narcotic Pain meds and months of  immobility.

Now jump to 2017. I am part of RBL and working with a great GHS team to strengthen my core.

What I have found with under my Drs supervision is that the more my core can stay tight around the spine, the less movement in the area = LESS PAIN ..

The results have been remarkable. WIth the expert help of GHS trainer Shaun and the support of my GHS team mates, I have seen a drastic improvement in  both my mobility and a reduction in pain.  Not having to take Opiod pain meds is an answer to prayer. Being able to excercise/swim / lift weights / squats  has given me a new positive new vision on my post retirement quality of life.

I still get quarterly spinal injections however I am close to the point on not needing those fun shots either. 🙂

I can’t thank RBL enough for picking me to be on the team .

It just shows that getting off the couch / setting goals and working with a Team can change your Life from misery to anticipation to what God has planned for my post retirement life.

Retirement is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

Praise GOD

Sincerely,   Bill Reeves  aka    Mr Bill

One thought on “Strong Core = Less Pain”

  1. Mr Bill this is beyond encouraging!!! Who wants to workout when they have so much pain? And might be downright impossible but it’s a Catch 22 in the hope of feeling better strength is usually needed! Way to work with your doctor and trainer and this is the awesome results – strength and dwindling pain – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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