Working it

So last week, I got my head in the game. Part of what can crush my efforts is the unexpected. Before I know it I am eating whatever, blowing my budget monetarily and physically. My son Evan had a rough Thursday night and we were leaving the dr office at 7:30 and I had still not had supper. So, I wanted to drive through Chickfila drive through! But I came home and ate something there. It felt like such a win. I felt like all the prepping I had done really paid off- apple slices I could grab. Salad in a jar to eat when I was crunched for time.

This week, prepping was tough because I had plans for Monday night. But, I just bought my groceries and prepped a new salad- antipasta this time without the pasta. It is soooo good. Also, chopped some apples and  bagged some carrots. That came in handy today when I decided I would save my money while I was out and grab lunch when I got home. We had 2 dr visits and a hair cut. Knowing I had something waiting on me kept me pushing ahead. My run yesterday felt super hard and I am very sore. But, it feels good to push myself and finish my run up the hill. That hill on my run that can crush me in just even a walk. But, it’s good to do something that pushes me a bit. Todays Dr. visits were a bit hard and it was good to know God has this. He really does have. And I keep remembering that perfect love drives out fear. My God loves me. What can mere man do to me?

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