Got My Kettle Bells On!

Be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded. Chronicles 15:7

I am falling in love with weights.  There is this little scheduled program called activtrax that the YMCA uses to tell you what machines/exercises to complete at what weight with suggested reps. It really takes the guesswork out of how to balance which weights to lift and when.  I really love the excitement what will the recommendations be for today.  And most of the machines really motivate me to push myself.  I enjoy it because I truly can see and feel the difference.  In the past I understood oh it helps make the muscles stronger maybe look more firm.  But I am feeling it especially when I lift more than I did before and it “hurts” even less.  I feel so professional when I have to take over the whole “jungle” to do crossovers.  But also super intimidated to squeak in there when the YMCA is a little more busy.

So today was time with my personal trainer.  Besides the community – feel (support, teammates, prayer, encouragement) to RBL This is one of the most amazing blessings to work one on one with someone to push you past your boundaries – SAFELY past your boundaries.  If you have the extra money or really want to iHealthy life beginning March 2017 025nvest in your health I highly recommend book a couple sessions with a personal trainer!  So she grabbed Kettle Bells and walked me outside.  Oh so pretty today.  She then had me work those fifteen pound weights continuously and 15 plus 15 equals 30 lbs extra through all the movements – WOW!  Her favorite, I assume it must be her favorite because I kept repeating this “exercise” FOUR times.  I was to walk away from the gym to the road back to her, carrying that’s right 30 lbs. The way you hold them made it feel like I had packed two really heavy lunch pails and was walking to lunch.  The first time I passed another gentleman who also had a Personal Trainer who was making him carry what looked like a bucket of cement.  I figured I got the better end of the deal.  The next jaunt I felt those weights stretching my arms like gumby.  Third time I almost thought of jogging with them to stop the burning in my upper arms – my biceps and triceps were on FIRE! And the fourth trip felt very symbolic.  I still have a ways to go on this health journey but at my heaviest 12 years ago I weighed 120 lbs more than I do today.  That meant I carried four times the weight of those kettlebells for over a year everywhere I went.  No wonder I was exhausted crossing a room, that too many steps had me question a heart attack.  I was in pain because of carrying 30 lbs four times after working out pretty regularly for six weeks.  I barely moved 2000 steps in my heaviest days. Now I knock out 10000 pretty consistently.  That’s a major difference and why I am excited to be really doing it.

I have always known what was needed to eat healthier or
move more.  But no motivation I mean when you have an extra 120 lbs to bring with you it is challenging.  And I would tend to be good at eating right or moving more and rarely together.  Plus the mood/attitude/and spiritual side would be forgotten which means the negative criticism that abounds would usually win hands down.  Those thoughts – you can’t do this, it’s not working, you can’t be having fun, don’t you have other things that need your time/energy/attention.  I’m sure you can add more to this list.  But this year things clicked.  I
’ve tried I’m going to say 100 ideas – products (oh I am an infomercial junkie!), programs, meal plans, crazy fads, off the wall tips, I’ve tried it and obviously not been consistent or some of them were just awful schemes.  I’m finally in a place where I get it!  Where I feel the difference and I shut down those criticism voices as quickly as possible!  I seek out encouraging scripture, I pray, I grab a HEALTHY snack (this was a game changer) and I promise to work out daily.  It doesn’t have to be an hour long or super intense but extra movement to keep me both in the physical and mental game.  That is one of the non negotiable.  I also tell myself I can eat ANYTHING I choose not to eat EVERYTHING!  This isn’t a fad but a way of life.  So yes I could probably lose quicker if I was a little more strict with my eating.  But I really am working on habits that far extend 12 weeks or  12 months or even 12 years.  I’m really working towards my best version for God.  It means facing fears, being brave (when all I want to do is climb back into bed) and celebrate the victories.  I can walk across a room and not NEED to sit down.  I can climb a flight of stairs without

a second glance for the elevator.  I can choose to eat healthy even when those around me choose to eat a feast or fast food.  I don’t need a soda to get through the day.  I feel excited to know I have new active terminology.  I like who I am seeing in the mirror and that alone is a victory to be able to look in the mirror.  I hope those who have been discouraged – you probably know most of what you need to do you just need that permission/commitment/encouragement.  You are strong enough, you are brave enough, and you are worth it!  God Bless!

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