Sprint 8 on the Matrix Machines

So, last night after our team meeting, Chelsi took us upstairs for cardio training since it was raining outside. She showed us the Sprint 8 program on the Matrix machines. I found my exercise delight immediately! It was so much fun on the treadmill last night, this morning I tried the bike. It was great too, so tonight I went back to try the elliptical. I have yet to exercise 3 times in a row like that, much less twice in one day! I was having a blast! But, after the elliptical, the fun has fizzled. I can now write 100 things I hate about the elliptical! But, that’s okay. I still have the bike and the treadmill. And, that Sprint 8 program rocks!

3 thoughts on “Sprint 8 on the Matrix Machines”

  1. I LOVE Sprint 8!!! With my ankle sprain, it has been a God-send to still get a good cardio workout on the bike program.

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