Holy Spirit

WOW…. That’s the one word I use to sum up Cuba. The people of Cuba are truly an amazing sort. The love I was able to share didn’t compare to that which was bestowed upon me. This was not a vacation by any sort, but a Revival of mind, body and soul. Without a doubt it was an injection of the Holy Spirit. 20170226_122300-01

I think I have to clarify a few things first because the rumors about Cuba are growing by leaps and bounds. First off, it is a Communist country in every since of the word. Everything in one way or another either directly or indirectly provided by the State. Jobs, food, Healthcare etc. Sounds great right? Wrong, Cuba is one of the poorest counties in the Caribbean despite its ability and potential to be the wealthiest. Absolute Government Power comes at a price, and the Cuban people are paying for it. Second, we still have an embargo against Cuba, that has never been lifted. Which means that in all honest we are not supposed to have any financial ties or transactions with Cuba. That’s why you can’t use a debit or credit card. Third, Cuba is changing… Well, somewhat. Forget about what you may have heard and what everyone is talking about. Cuba will not be this huge commercial tourist pit next year. It is not changing as fast as people think, not by any means. It will take years, many years for Cuba to turn to a new page in History. There is 40+ years of decaying infrastructure. Much of Cuba is crumbling, poor roads, lack of adequate drainage. When it rains… Even a little roads can become impassable. I can go on and on about being an inadequate infrastructure of Cuba but that’s not what this post is about. So yeas I say visit Cuba, visit now, but don’t rush to feel you need to see “Cuba before it Changes” because it will be a while. The lift of the travel band makes ituch easier to go now.

Now for the good stuff! I am not sure how it happened, but I lost weight while I was there. I am talking like 6lbs in a week. The food is absolutely amazing. Clean, fresh and Oh so tasty. You have to realize we weren’t eating tourist hotel food, but the food the Cuban people eat every day. Lost of black beans and rice with some kind  of pork. Fresh fruit, and vegetables almost every meal. It almost like cleansing your body without evening trying. You know, I have a secret to divulge I drank soda there, Cuban so “TU Cola” as the national brand is called. No high fructose corn syrup to be found, just natural sugar. So even the so called junk food isn’t as junky as ours… That makes me laugh.

All in all, we where there to do a job, a missions, “no pun intended “. We where there to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was amazed how much the Cuban people crave it. The zeal & passion they show during prayer, worship & praise is awe inspiring. I felt as if they where teaching us at times. Sunday I describe the Holy Spirit as a wildfire, and Cuba is going up in flames. God has laid his hand on this country and is blessing them. 20170301_10321720170302_19470120170302_113628DSC_699620170226_131002DSC_7064

So I am working g on a video and tons of photos, the inspiration I have received from my Cuban family in Christ knows no border!

One thought on “Holy Spirit”

  1. What an amazing trip and an even better opportunity to spread the word of Christ. When I told people that I was going on a mission trip to Cuba, they said “aren’t you scared to go or go and change the people by telling them about Christ”, well let me just say one thing….i was never scared or nervous about going before I got there and I had no reason to and as far as me changing them, that could never be farther from the the truth. They are the ones that changed me! They are my family now and I love them more than cam ever express. I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and receive the love and kindness they had to offer. Everything you said is so true and I look forward to the day I can return to my Cuban family.

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