Better late than Never

Well….. I guess I’m going to welcome myself back to the blog! I’m sorry to anyone who has been following my journey for the lack of blogs. I justified not posting them by saying that there is time tomorrow to post which ends up turning into not posting at all and by thinking that no one is paying my blogs attention. Well I’m back! I’m blogging!

First thing first, I learned last Saturday that I LOVE Aqua Zumba! If anyone wants to join please do! I attend at the YPC pool at 9:20am. Right now I’m at work on break, but will be going to gym after I get off in a few hours and then will go to my side job.

And now for non gym related things. I accepted a new job and start in a few weeks working at a preschool! I’m so excited!!! My husband and I attended The Very Next Thing your last night and I just have to say that God moved me. I could see how I was a believer, but not fully trusting Jesus with my life. I vowed to change that last night. I don’t want religion with Jesus, I want a relationship with Him. And I’m happy to say that God moved both my and my husband’s hearts last night to sponsor a child. I pray that V.A.M. grows up to know and love the Lord and to accept salvation. I pray that I can reach the people God intends for me to and that I have the words and heart to show them the love of Christ. And I pray that each of the people reading this blog know that Jesus loves them; the good parts, the icky parts, and every part in between.

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Amanda McCroskey

I am a follower of Christ, a wife, and a fur mom to two pups. In this blog I will share my faith journey, health journey, and journey to having a family.

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