Stress eater

Terrible week, and great week in one? Bad stuff: only went to the gym 2 times, blogged 1 time, ate  like crap.

Good stuff: got a promotion, lost 3 inches since I started, started a small groups at church for families who need restoration from addiction.

These things make me nervous and take me out of my comfort zone so I feel like I’m just stress eating again. I hate this feeling. What if I don’t get back on track?  What if I gain it all back? Reminds me of DC Talk song that I LOVE…what if I stumble what if I fall, what if I  lose my steps and I make fools of us all.

So I’m aging myself now Lol!

But what if I get it together, rock my promotion, lose the weight, and help bring addicts back to the Lord?

So basically I needed to talk myself down from the ledge. We all stumble, we all fall. But what sets us apart is that we get back up, look to Jesus, and start again this time with ur head a little higher, crown a little straighter, smile a little bigger.

So what if I stink this week. Next week I plan on stinking, glistening even. Next week I find my mojo again and I finish this race looking only in my lane! Straight ahead focused on God cause in the end He is what matters. Devil got in my head and he is evicted. I don’t have the room for him.

Thanks for all the blogging you guys are doing. It reAlly motivated my today seeing all the weight lose and video blogs! Your all amazing and I love that i have supporters I don’t even know! Keep it up guys!

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35 year old mom of 2 children. Married 14 years.

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