House Cleaning Joy?!?

My daughter was sick today, so I stayed home with her. Typically, when one of my girls is sick, that is a day for me to sit in my chair, all comfy, watching TV and snacking. I would claim it was to rest or be ready if they needed me, but the truth was I just didn’t feel like doing anything…never had the energy. Today was different. I cleaned our house!  With my crazy schedule recently, it really needed it. As I vacuuming my living room, I realized that I had been working all morning, and wasn’t tired! It was an amazing feeling!  Now, I didn’t get the whole house clean, and the joy may not have been in the actual cleaning, but there was definite joy in the fact that I felt like doing it!  I love all the small changes that I see along the way!  Looking forward to more eye opening moments of joy!

One thought on “House Cleaning Joy?!?”

  1. I did the same thing over the weekend! Cleaned my daughter’s room (she’s not old enough to do it on her own, and it was more organizing, sorting out clothes, and rearranging her room) and I did the same in the Living Room and Kitchen. By the end of Sunday I was tired, but it was well deserved by then!

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