I’m Still Here…

It’s been a week or more since I logged in.  Between life and work it’s been busy and I am still behind. My laptop crashed over the weekend and I cannot grade on a tablet… Nor do I like typing on the touch screen. But tonight I am making due so I don’t feel anymore behind.

Last weekend I was at the beach for a marathon my family was to relay in, but our team fell apart.  So I ran on Saturday morning on the beach, and man was that a workout on my thighs… I expected it to be easier! I was wrong.  After my run, Those of us that did make the trip went to the finish line to cheer in the marathoners as they crossed the line.

When we returned home, it was back to work and a messy house.  I was behind all week with grading, tired from traveling, and the last thing I wanted to do was housework.  So I put it off to this past weekend.  But during the week I did get 3 runs in and my Barre Class on Friday morning.  It felt good to get those in, even though I still had so much on my mind.

This weekend I had something to do everyday.  Saturday morning began with a work related task that kept me occupied all morning, so I missed my group run (sad), but then came home and since my daughter was wide awake, I started cleaning her room, putting clothes up that were too small, rearranging her room, vacuuming, and dusting.  My main goal was to move some of her toys out of the Living Room and into the her bedroom… Success! Then I moved to the Living Room, rearranging, vacuuming, and dusting.  By Saturday night, I felt like I had a new kitchen, and energy to spare.  Then Sunday… My husband used the snow as an excuse to stay home… I didn’t argue. I started laundry and was done with all of it AND folding/put away shortly after lunch! While my daughter napped, I cleaned the kitchen and dining room (as the bar and table becomes our collect all) It was so nice to have a clean table to eat dinner on.When my daughter fell asleep at 7:30, I thought, perfect… I still have time to get in a workout before bed, but I feel God was saying you’ve done enough… As my daughter woke up after 30 minutes and it took her another hour to fall back asleep (thank you time change!).

Today I am ready to get back into the run, but work on Mondays is always long, so it’s my off day.  Back to running tomorrow! I’m ready… Let’s Get Our Run On!

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