It’s My Party

It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to …. lifeinaboot

I have had my pity party, I’ve cried, pouted, and fussed. It’s time now, though, for me to pull my big girl britches up and get over myself! I was reminded last night, this is also a part of my journey. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of my journey, it’s an opportunity for me to learn something, to reflect on what God is saying to me, and then come back stronger.

The stress fracture had no healing in 2 weeks, between the 1st and 2nd sets of x-rays. My tibia has a long crack on the inside, and the orthopedist is not happy with the fact that it doesn’t seem to be healing. She put me in a boot, put me strictly crutches. She took away my ability to do anything – no driving, except when absolutely necessary; no weight on my leg; nothing…

My 10 yo even said, “She can still swim, do upper body, and lift weights, right?” She said, “Let’s get this pain under control and see what the MRI shows, first. Then we will talk getting back to exercising.”

Honestly, it still hurts worse than it did when I first went in. It still doesn’t seem to be healing, if I had to judge by the amount of pain that I have.

All of that said, though, I can’t wallow in this. I still have to pull my big girl britches up and move forward. I’ve not been making the best food choices, not the worst, but certainly not the best. Having the inability to do a lot of exercising, I need to be more vigilant about nutrition.

Oh, but you know what? One of the things I prayed for, as part of Rob’s Big Losers, was that I would really increase my upper body strength. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! HA! My arms and hands are sore from using these crutches, I hope my sore muscles are a sign of them becoming more defined and less flabby! LOL Look at the bright side, right?



2 thoughts on “It’s My Party”

  1. My Sweet Lena you’re an inspiration .
    l pray for your healing everyday along with many others .
    You are a blessing to all .Your kids love you so much .
    lm so blessed to be in your life .
    God bless.
    Jevia Lyn

  2. Yes, you are getting that upper body workout! 😉 I’ve missed seeing you around the Y. You are right to focus on what you can do with good food choices and using those crutches for healing and exercise. Hang in there! Prayers for your healing.

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