3 Lonely Fries

So yesterday I was taking my parents around to run errands and my mother wants to stop at Wendy’s to get everyone some lunch. I took them there but declined to partake in the fast-food. So like pizza, I am a fast food addict. As I was passing out the greasy burgers and chicken nuggets I noticed there were three very lonely french fries in the bottom of the Wendy’s sack. They looked up at me and said “please hold me”. I just could not resist the sad look on they’re tiny faces so I held them. Then I ate them. Well they got very angry at me because the rest of the day my stomach was hurting and I was up a good part of the night over 3 lonely fries.

Seriously though after eating very healthy for the last 6 weeks the way my body rejected three greasy french fries says a lot to me about the times I had supersize french fries with triple cheeseburgers and a large milkshake with a large tea all in one setting. My body over the years adapted to the unhealthy food but I was actually smothering myself in fat and empty calories. Whenever I would eat something healthy it would make me sick because my body was rejecting it and now just the opposite is happening. That food was poison to my body and my brain told my body to get rid of those foreign objects.

So next time I take my parents to run errands I will very politely suggest someplace healthy like subway or I will pack my lunch before I take them places. And next time I see those three little monsters in the bottom of a fast food sack I will choose to ignore them.

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