Tuesday morning workout

Good afternoon everyone.
I actually made it to the Y this morning. I worked out for about a hour and I am just to proud of myself for working up to be able to stay on the Elliptical (sp?) machine for a full 30 minutes. Man, that thing is a work out for me. After about 10-12 minutes I am sweating, but after about 20 minutes I am in the “ZONE”. It may sound gross, but getting sweaty makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something.
Before I began this journey, I was so intimated by the Elliptical machine…I felt that there would be no way I could actually do this. This is ONE of the accomplishments that I am so thrilled about.
I used to watch the people who worked out on them and thought, they must really be in GREAT shape. Now I feel that I am getting in good shape and I sure do feel better.
After the Elliptical, I did my active trax circuit…this is also becoming more tolerable.
I can not express how thankful that I am to everyone at the Y, WLFJ and everyone involved for allowing me this opportunity to participate in RBL. I have only lost 6 pounds, but what I am noticing the most is that I am not so out of breath walking and just participating in life.
Before my knee replacement last year I was very limited on the activity that I could do because I was in so much pain and I just did not want to do anything that would or could cause any swelling or additional pain.
Since I have had my knee replaced, and given this opportunity life is great. The skies are blue again, the grass will be green soon and the snow this past week-end was a beautiful reminder that my Father is a Good Good Father!

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