Life is crazy!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and it’s been nuts. I had the stomach bug and was over it by the time I went to my last group run (3/4) but I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t run as much as everyone else. It was really discouraging but everyone was kind and it motivated me to finish even though I had to walk. I talked to one of the Athletic Trainers while I was there and she confirmed that what I have going on with my leg pain is posterior shin splints. It’s nice to know I’m not crazy and have a definite reason for the pain. I got one and a half runs in last week before they really flared up so I felt pretty good. My eating has not been very good though. Since I got my appetite back from the stomach bug I’ve been eating too much of carb loaded foods. I am working on balancing it back out but feel like I’m starting from scratch. I’m going to KT tape my shin splints today before I run and do some message to the areas before my run which I’m praying will keep my pain levels down. The athletic trainer also told me to take advil  or aleeve about and hour before I run to help keep the inflammation down which should keep the shin splints at bay. I hate that I missed last weeks group run but boy did I need some rest and time with my husband! I am excited to see everyone on Saturday I missed being with the group. I am praying that everyone is doing well and making progress. I haven’t really lost much weight but my endurance has increased greatly and my liver tests (I have them done every 3 mo because I have a fatty liver) have gone down more than ever before. I haven’t gone for my lipid panel yet but I’m sure when I get the results they will look much better as well. Praying everyone stays injury and illness (that flu and stomach bug are going around like crazy!) free and that we can all meet up with Doug Saturday. Also, anybody going to the mid-program celebration that Leslie posted about on our Facebook group? My husband is coming up with me on Saturday and we’re going to try to go after group run.

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