My goodness

I was scheduled to work out with Betsy yesterday morning. When I arrived, I did not feel well…but who does at 7am on your day off???
I began my work out with a warm up on the treadmill, and then did a little weight resistance…and still not feeling well. While doing squats IT HIT ME…I was sick.
I HAD TO CANCELLE with Betsy and on the way home, my head began hurting so bad and I felt so nauseous. By the time I got home, I had a full blown migraine. I crawled back in bed a slept until 1:30 pm. When I woke up I felt much better, but still a slight headache.
I went back to Y this morning and was able to complete work out this morning and I feel so much better.
Betsy and I are rescheduled for tomorrow morning, hopefully tomorrow at 7am will be much better.

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