Second Chances

It has been a while since I have posted. This has been a busy week with my husband out of town with work. I don’t fly solo very well. We have created a lifestyle of tag-team and it’s difficult when one of us is missing. Then, there were some appointments, an unexpected call to come into work, a pulled muscle, and a college trip with my daughter. All those things interfered with the exercise routine I was trying to establish last week and sabotaged my healthy eating. It got me to thinking once again that I am not in control of the circumstances of life. God is. He said that He knows we love Him when we obey His commands, but He shows that He loves us by His plan to forgive our disobedience through Jesus’ death on the cross. God knows even better than I do the effect of the brokenness on this world brought about by the sin in the Garden and I am so grateful that He forgives my inability, and even unwillingness at times, to obey. Yes, my body is His temple and I should steward it well, but in the chaos that comes in the brokenness, I fail more often than I would like. This week would be called a fail. But, Jesus calls it redeemed. And, God’s mercies that are new every morning will give me a second chance to start again tomorrow.

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