Feels like starting over!!

So the week of March 6th keep me out of the gym. This was due in part to my job. I have to perform 2 Jobs for 5 weeks and the workload finally caught up with me, there were many late nights that week at the plant.

Thankfully, God seen fit to give me some relief the week of the 13th, I was back to just my job. I get some good workout in this past week and thankfully to my new learned eating skills I was able  to maintain my weight during the off week. I didn’t loose any, but I am more thankful that I didn’t gain any.

This is truly a lifestyle change. I am not able to express how thankful I am that God, lead me to apply and place me with the most awesome team. I could not have purchased a better team than the one I am on. God is great in so many ways. I give him all the Glory for allowing me to be on this journey. I use to be fearful of trying to loose weight, but no longer. I have already had to tighten the belt up twice, the inches are shrinking! God in heaven I thank you for This Program, the sponsors, The Y, my coach Misty and Rob for having a passion many years ago and sharing that passion with others. It is my prayer that I can helps others make and believe in this lifestyle change.

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