So I heard that for the 5K, there would be no break-down competitions by age.  And being not-in-the-lesser-years catagory, I felt the anxiety set in.  That’s not fair!   I can’t win.  Why am I doing this then?    Then we had a chat.

Myself and I had a convo.   #1…It’s not really about the 5K.   That is just a finale placed at the end of the 12 weeks as a celebration.  #2… What really matters?   That I’m there.   That I followed through and finished the program.  That I crossed the finish line.

But there’s more…That’s really just Chapter 1.  NOW, I continue the story.   I plan on joining the Y and making it a part of a habit.   I plan on doing more 5K to have more chapters to write.    In September I plan on doing a 3 day/30 mile Pledge for Pink/Tutus for Tatas walk/run in Hilton Head.   So I need to set goal after goal to keep driving me to go farther and do better and be the best I can be.    And it’s not about me…

I have many mission trips that I want to take and be used by my Jesus.   God has given me ability to be strong so I have few physical distractions from serving him.  Within His will, of course….As I’ve said before, there’s not much over which we have control so I need to be responsible for blessings I’ve been given.

So my old spirit says I have to be the winner of the competition.   Truth says I am a winner in the eyes of my Jesus.   That’s all that matters.



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Excited about the opportunity to better myself constantly. Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. Learning from my past but moving from it to an enriched new normal.

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