Get on your knees, then off your butt!

I haven’t had much chance to blog since my return from Cuba. Since returning I have found this new vigor, an enthusiastic injection of motivation. This weekend was so fulfilling to see my brothers and sisters facing some of the same challenges and some different ones too. Like we were told, Keep the Course!. Don’t look at the 5K as the end, but just another milestone. The changes are for life, and just like life we will stumble along the way but we must stay the course.  After all, we are not on diets, diets fail. We are rebooting and changing a lifetime of bad programming. We are rebuilding a high performance engine to run like a race car. Tell yourself what ever you have to, to understand the good we are doing for ourselves. You can draw comparisons to so many things in our life, find which one you can relate to. Also STOP making excuses. The biggest obstacle you are facing is YOU! YOU will tell yourself a laundry list of excuses why you cant do something,(kids ball games,no time to cook,just too tough, I just feel uncomfortable at the gym). A lot of us have been doing that most of our lives and that’s why we are where we are now. We really have to get over ourselves. Please don’t think I am preaching or calling anyone out, I am telling myself this as much as anyone else.  So take a look at your self and ask are you really happy with your state in life.

It doesn’t have to be something negative that knocks us off track, it can just as easily happen when something happy or posative happens in our life that will derail us. All of a sudden we are happy again, and our health or physical state doesn’t become as important to us as much as did at one point. You had better believe Satan will use good in your life to distract you and knock you off course as well as evil. He loves it when we are content, because when we are content we are also idle, idle in our spiritual lives and idle in our physical life, yet we think everything is fine…not so. Yes we need to be happy, but not so quick to be satisfied and content. So my advice is first remember to get on your knees and pray, then get off your but and move, exercise, honor his temple and honor yourself!





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