Back in the Saddle

Last week my wife had major surgery. Since I obviously spent my time last week caring for her, I was not able to write a blog or get to the gym. As of Sunday though I’m back in the saddle and making progress in my journey towards permanent weight loss and getting healthy. I was able to go on a nice bike ride on Sunday and to the YMCA on Monday. One of the results of exercise is the release of stress and anxiety from my mind and body.

One of the ways that I am cementing these changes into my lifestyle is by looking for the positive results that these good habits have on me. When I make the connection that exercise and eating right result in feeling better, increased energy and mobility, I will be more likely in the future to continue these habits. I think that the main reason I lost weight and regained it the last 2 years is that I remembered how good I felt when I was losing the weight and getting healthy. I remembered how good it felt to ride my bike outside on the SRT. I could honestly say that it feeds my soul to go for a long bike ride on a nice sunny day. These are the things that I need to internalize and burn into my mind so that when I feel lazy or choose give in to that Fat Burger or piece of Cheese Cake, I will get  back up in that saddle and hit it again until it truly becomes a part of who I am.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle”

  1. Hello my brother jeff. Keep striving, keep reaching. What you cant see is God is doing something amazing within you,within your mind. He is taking every step with you. I love you my brother.

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