Getting Back on Track

Fell off the wagon some last week. This was mainly due to allergies hitting me hard towards the end of the week and I was not able to get in the weight work I wanted to.

What is up with the allergies here it is nice and chilly last week and my eyes and nose were running their own 5K where I was coming in last geeezzzzzz.

Was happy though because was able to get back to the Y on Sunday and start working out again but started to see the message on activtrax that I was going to need to do another Strength assessment which should be a good thing. Now some of the machines I am not a big fan of but I will deal with them however I do like the leg press and lately that one has been a lot easier and I knew I needed to get it increased but kept putting it off hopefully with the assessment it will start to increase again.

Well There are two exercises that I am not real big on both due to issues I have and need to work on to get better. One is crunches I just cannot handle laying on my back for a period of time trying to do some of what is asked. I normally see a Chiropractor a couple times a week for adjustments and being on the ground even with a pad is not comfortable for me at all. Any suggestions to compensate for this is helpful, I already know about using a bench and doing some ab work there and also using a ball. Now one thing I do like is the abdominal machine can get some decent work done there but probably need to work on other ways to, just need to find and do them.

The other issue I have is Dumbbells…. I like them but some of the exercises I have to do is a problem. in the early 90s I had a bad wreck in which I broke my left arm in 3 laces and shattered my shoulder luckily they were able to fix both but I have ha strength issues in it. When I do any machine work I know my right arm will compensate for the weakness of the other but when I am on the dumbbells I struggle with the left arm. I will do all I can to keep both arms equal when doing things from lowering weights to matching the number I do in a set.

I hate that I do this but not sure what else to do to get past it. Again any suggestion for this issue as well as the other is always accepted.

Well This week I get to do my interview so should be interesting to see how it goes.

Well as always …. So until next time Keep your Feet on the Ground and keep reaching for those bars of the next workout.

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