Just A Crack In The Sidewalk

I’m still my off of my leg, and still in a good bit of pain. My MRI date was moved up, but don’t see the doctor until the 30th.

Being completely honest, this is really hard for me. When my precious daughter asked me, 2 years ago, to start running with her, my life changed. I went from a very sedentary lifestyle to a very active lifestyle. I love being active, running or hiking outdoors where I feel so close to God.

I’ve completely changed my answers on the information sheet at the doctor’s office…

How often do you exercise? How many minutes total per week?
2 years ago, I would lie, 3-4 days a week, 90-120 minutes a week.
For the last 2+ years, I have been able to tell the truth, 7 days a week, 300-400 minutes a week.

Even on the days that I don’t run, I walked. When I started RBL, I added in other types of cardio, too. I had gone from barely walking 1 mile to 8.5 miles of run/walk intervals on my long days, 4-5 miles for my short days.

So, yes, this is making me stir crazy!

So, since I’m only getting somewhere around 1000 steps and no active minutes a day on my Fitbit, I have to take charge other places. I’ve started doing some crunches and leg lifts, as well as continuing to count calories. I’m still not losing weight, and in fact, I’m up 2 pounds. I keep reminding myself, this is a marathon. I have already lost so much, and made so many changes – This is a crack in the sidewalk, not the Grand Canyon.

God is still working with me on surrendering all of those proverbial plates, specifically: Fear … Still getting to me, but not as much. I’m learning more and more to focus on God’s promises, and less on the fear and worry that often grip me.
Control … Realizing that even this journey is not mine to control. While I have a HUGE part in the success of my journey to a healthier life, even this is in God’s control. He has a purpose for this frustrating injury, and it will certainly be used for his glory!

Here’s hoping that I’m released to at least walk before the end of RBL, so that I can end it with my group doing the 5K at one of my favorite places, my church!




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