The Chaos or the Cross?

So, this week I started doing “Jesus The King: An Easter Devotional,” by Timothy Keller, on the YouVersion app. This quote was powerful today, “If you’re at the mercy of the storm, its power is unmanageable and it doesn’t love you.” The storm has been my focus for way too long! Yes, its power IS unmanageable and NO, it doesn’t love me. I have felt the pain and emptiness of the chaos and the discouragement of my futile attempts to control it. On the one hand, there’s the storm, on the other hand, there’s Jesus. Unlike the storm, He DOES love me. Plus, Jesus has ultimate power over the storm. At any time, He can stop the storm. If He has not chosen to do that, then it’s fair to say that it is not because He is unable or unloving. It is simply because He has a different plan. I can trust that He is aware of my circumstances and rest in the security that He loves me, even when the storms of life do not. His love can fill my empty longing for more much better than anything I am trying to grasp in my effort to feel satisfied and in control. I can look to Jesus to calm me even when He choses to allow the storms to rage on. This was a major call for me to refocus on the cross instead of the chaos. I can eat and exercise and serve and love with thanksgiving for every opportunity I am given or I can curse the storm and fight the emptiness. One choice brings hope, joy, and life, the other brings discouragement and weariness. Today, I chose the cross.

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