Two tangible accomplishments this week!

Being on Spring Break I have found my time is not being spent wisely as the time is flying by, but I have gotten a lot of Spring Cleaning done.  I even moved the desktop so now I am back up and running on the computer at home.

Tuesday I ran my first run.  I obviously did not check the weather prior to planning my run in the afternoon while my daughter napped and my cousin stayed in to watch her.  As I hit the pavement, I realized, “Wow… 80 degrees is hot! And my street has NO shade at 3:30 in the afternoon!”  My typical run: The first quarter mile is uphill, typically can get to the top by the end of the 5 minute warm up, the next quarter mile is slight downhill and back up, but relatively straight compared to the first, then I usually turn and lap the top quarter mile of the street until I get to the 5 minute cool down, walking down the last portion.  As I approached the top of the first 1/2 mile, I told myself, today I am going to go down the hill and come all the way back up (knowing I will be running up the hill).  I did it! Got my 2 miles in and did not have to stop and walk once in this circuit. (That was accomplishment one!) Oh, and got home and looked at the weather and it was 85 degrees! I downed several glasses of water and was so thankful I had AC already kicking!

Accomplishment 2 came today.  This morning I put on my wedding rings with no effort!  Since the middle of my pregnancy, about 2 years ago,  I have not been able to just slip on my rings.  They have been too tight and some days I have swapped them out with other rings just for a day of relief. It feels good to see these milestones.  I never would have pictured myself running, but I am so glad I am, and seeing results each weeks.

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